Christmas Functions featuring Pulse band

//Christmas Functions featuring Pulse band

Christmas Functions featuring Pulse band

What’s so good about Christmas Functions featuring Pulse band?

It has a busy couple of months with the Skyline Restaurant hosting end of year Christmas Functions featuring Pulse band! Pulse had the pleasure of performing at ten Christmas functions in total on the sixth floor of the Rydges South Park Hotel!

Our main line up has featured Daniella on lead vocals, Nige on bass guitar and lead vocals, Stephen on guitar and Frank on drums. Belinda on lead vocals, Ken on guitar, Gady on bass, Joe on drums and Lainie on lead vocals and keyboards have also had some performance spots.

Pulse band performed one set of background music as the guests arrived, were seated and placed their dinner order. There were many occasions where guests were immediately drawn to the dance floor for a romantic dance with their partner early in the evening. Pulse band brings out two sets of the best party music from the 50’s right through to current top 40 hits! The dance floor is always packed to the rafters with rings of laughter and song plus loads of happy, smiling faces.

It is amazing how so many interesting and lavish dance moves come out as soon as the guests have indulged in their amazing dinner and had a few drinks.  Both Daniella and Nige share the lead vocals ensuring that there is a perfect blend of male and female sung songs.  They also harmonise for each other so the vocal sound is lush and strong.

Songs are often segued together to keep a flow of movement and action on the dance floor.  The guitar and bass bring an exciting and colourful melodic tone to the overall sound.  The tight and rhythmic sound of the drums completes a perfect delivery of tight, fun live music. The crowd sure did eat, drink and dance the night away in style 🙂


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